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Compliances under Listing Regulation, 2015

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Notice of BM dated 30.10.2018

Quaterly Corporate Governance Report September 2018

Regulation 30 Appointment and Reappointment of Director at the AGM

Newspaper Advt. Financial Results June 2018

Notice of BM dated 09.08.2018

Corporate Governance Report June 2018

Notice of Board Meeting dated 29th May 2018

Corporate Governance Report for the year ended 31st March 2018_rotated

Regulation 30 Re-appointment of CMD

Financial Results for the Quarter ended 31st Dec 2017

Notice Of Board Meeting 13th February, 2018

Corporate Governance Report December 2017

Corporate Governance Report September 2017

Newspaper Advertisment of Unaudited Financial Results for June 2017

Reg 30 Appointment of Director

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Notice of Board Meeting 14th Sep 2017

Voting Results and Scruitnizer Report of AGM

Newspaper Advertisement Regarding Notice of the 33rd Annual General Meeting

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Corporate Governance Report

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Regulation 30

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Notice of Board Meeting 17 May 2017

Corporate Governance Report

Notice for Board Meeting

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Governance Report as on 31.12.2016

Governance Report as on 30.09.2016

Voting Result of Annual General Meeting

Notice for Board Meeting

Details of Familiarization Programmes

Governance Report

Notice for Board Meeting

Preservation of Records

Materiality Policy

Appointment of CEO

Notice for Board Meeting

Newspaper Clipping along with Certificate of section 201




Contact details of Authorized Persons for assessing Materiality of Events


Regulation 27(2) - Dec'15